10 proven ways to make a girl fall in love with you

When it comes to make a girl fall in love, most of us fail. But here are the top 10 proven ways to make a girl fall in love with you.

1. Humor Sense to make her laugh:

This is one of the important things a guy should have to impress a girl. It’s a universal fact.

Humor Sense to make her laugh

Humor sense is something girls love. If you’re a humoristic person, sure you will have a lot of friends in general. Guys with the lack of humor or no humor sense should at least learn from movies, observe how people make timing jokes which makes sense and which doesn’t.

Be playful with her (but knowing the situation at times is essential). Crack a joke to get started. Talk about different topics and try to crack a joke at every topic. Turn the difficult situations into something memorable that you two can think and laugh about. Always stay lighthearted & make sure she feels happy whenever she is with you.

2. Listen to her when she talks:

Women like to vent their emotions by speaking with the people who listen to them. They are most likely to be happy with men, who spend valuable time with them and genuinely listen to their problems.

Listen to her when she talks

And it’s not about only the problems, they like to speak on different things, it can be joyful or sorrow, but men should have patience and listening skill while talking to women. You try to remember every little thing she told you, and remind her of it at opportune moments. This always makes them happy!

3. Be faithful:

This might be the hardest one to get. But when you get it, it’s even harder to keep it alive. And that is trust.

Be faithful

Make a girl secured with you. That is the first key to make her like you. Women love to express their feelings and they expect the same. But it’s also important that time spends with her should be lively. Women, in general, will not trust anyone until they get to know about someone they really like. Don’t ever give her occasion to doubt you.

Let her feel and sense that your commitment to her and your relationship is true. Being able to truly rely on someone they like is a very powerful feeling. Words will not give her trust but actions. Not action stunts like movies, little actions in tough situations in life, just get along with her and she will always count on you.

4. Make sure you compliment her often:

Who would hate being praised? After all, we need some motivation in everything right.


Women like to get praised for the things they do. It could be a small thing (applying mascara) or a big thing. It doesn’t matter; just give them praise with a whole heart. Don’t try to do for sake, they will find it. They’re smarter than you. Mind it!

If a woman is interested in you, sure she will make efforts to look good, act good, and do things, which are good. And, what they expect in return is some acknowledgment.

5. Impress your girl with maturity:

Women in general believe, a matured man is much attractive than someone who behaves like a child. One of the reasons would be – they want their men to handle situations better than them at times.

Impress your girl with maturity

Good decision makers impress women a lot. Women generally like someone who is responsible and have the capability of looking after them as well.

6. Give the right amount of attention:

A girl would easily get bored of you when you drop all your commitments and gave her all your attention all the time.

Give the right amount of attention

But there’s a slight difference among women, an older woman might appreciate when you drop priorities to make time for her, but when it comes to a younger girl, she’d just under estimate the value of you or she might assume that you’re a boring guy.

7. Make her miss you:

After you believe that both of you have become really close to each other, and then make her miss you now and then.

Make her miss you

It’s good to see when our lovable ones are actually missing our presence or not. But this will happen only when you make a strong impact on her daily life. Caution: Don’t miss the important dates like birthdays, etc.  That wouldn’t help you.

8. Give her a gift:

Don’t give an expensive gift to a girl – she would not accept it or she would accept the gift but never expect her to love you back. It just won’t work.

Give her a gift

Give something that you really mean to present to her, could be a pen or key chain or a minion mobile case. Price never matters to her. She will definitely think of you whenever she looks at the gift. Gift with surprising element would do wonders for your relationship.

9. Express the love only when the time is right:

“I love you” – these words always carry a huge meaning for women. It’s not a good decision to express too early because it makes women skeptical about your intentions.

Express the love only when the time is right

So, always wait for the right moment and don’t just jump to conclusions.  Ample time is needed for yourself and your girl to understand your differences. It helps both of you to think about the relationship before decide to utter those words.

10. Give support to your girl:

Whenever your girl is having a rough patch in her life, support her with your presence and thoughts. Money is not the thing that will solve the problem always. Share good amount of time with her, make her laugh and forget about the sorrows she has.

Give support to your girl

One important thought to share – Women, in general, are meant to be loved, they’re wonderful human beings. Don’t try to love a girl expecting that you will be loved back, just show your love.

Be true to yourself. A girl can change you with good habits.


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